The IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation (IITRHF) has been organizing Business Plan Competition under the Entrepreneur Mentoring Program since year 2009. This year IITRHF has partnered with TIDES Business Incubator to hold BUSINESS PLAN COMPETITION 2017. The IITRHF-TIDES Business Plan Competition (BPC) aims to foster entrepreneurship among IIT Roorkee students and recent alumni, and provides an integrative learning experience. It provides them a platform for refining their business ideas and strategies to bring them to fruition.


  • Encourage and nurture entrepreneurship among IIT Roorkee students and recent alumni.
  • Recognize, help improve and reward innovative ideas and business plans.
  • Provide a platform to further develop these ideas into viable businesses.
  • Awards

  • Best Overall Plan
  • Most Innovative Idea
  • Judges' Choice Award
  • Honourable Mention

  • The winners of Best Plan and Most Innovative Idea (one person from each team, preferably a founder) will be sent for following Acceleration Programs (Terms & Conditions apply).

  • 6-day Acceleration program to either USA, Canada or Europe and a 3-day Acceleration Program to Bangalore. Visit to accelerator in Bangalore will be followed by the visit to accelerator abroad.
  • Entrepreneurs will get opportunity to visit accelerator meet and interact with startups and mentors.
  • The acceleration program will cover following expenses (per person):

  • Accelerator program to US, Europe or Canada: Air travel by economy class and per diem expanse of $200 for max 6 days, which includes stay, food and other expenses.
  • Accelerator program in Bangalore: Air travel by economy class from any metro city to Bangalore, and total of INR 10,000/- allowance that includes 3 days' accommodation and food.
  • Only one founder from each of the top two finalist will be eligible for this program. The founder should be significant equity holder.

  • Any additional cost (visa fee, travel insurance etc.) incurred will need to be borne by the winners. The prize winners will also hold one-day presentation/interactive sessions in TIDES about their visit outcomes, experience and learning for the benefit of TIDES startups and IITR students and entrepreneurs. Please note that TIDES & IITRHF are not responsible for VISA processing and incase the winner's visa is not granted, TIDES & IITRHF will not be able to provide this opportunity again.

    The winners of Judges' Choice Award and Honorable Mention will get prize of INR 30,000 and INR 15,000 respectable. Further, all winning startups will be mentored by TIDES and also will be evaluated for Incubation at TIDES & funding support. All winners will submit fund utilization of prize amount given as advance and reimburse any unspent amount within six months of the award funds given to them.

    TIDES & IITRHF will announce the dates of the acceleration program within one month after the announcement of the winners.


    Schedule IITRHF-TIDES BPC 2017
    Note: The dates may change at the discretion of BPC 2017 Committee
    Target milestone
    Applications open
    Last Application submission
    Results of Screening Round announced (10 entries move forward) with Workshop Details
    All Day Workshop (mandatory)
    Last date for Final submissions
    Final Presentations & Evaluations
    Announcement of awards
    Acceleration Program Kick off

    Application Process

  • All entries will be screened for completeness and eligibility requirements.
  • The qualified entries will be reviewed in the order received and feedback.
  • About 10 entries will be selected to advance to the next round based on reviewer feedback.
  • All teams are required to attend a day long workshop at TIDES IITR to receive focused coaching and mentoring to help them further refine and develop their plans and pitches.
  • Each team will make a presentation at TIDES IITR to the Judging panel. The panel will consist successful Entrepreneurs, IITR-alumni, industry experts, and IIT-R professors.
  • The Judging Panel will evaluate the pitches and the final businesses plans and determine the top winners.

  • Eligibility Criteria for Participation

  • Students currently enrolled at IIT Roorkee and recent alumni, who completed a degree from IITR in May 2010 or later.
  • Team/business must have been founded by eligible participants as defined above or have one or more of eligible participants in key management positions.
  • Team/business has been around for 3 years or less.
  • Seed capital, if raised, does not exceed $35,000 or INR equivalent.
  • The total revenues to date do not exceed $40,000 or INR equivalent.
  • The team/business has not entered the current idea in any previous IITRHF BPCs
  • The team/business does not involve anyone on IITRHF board or judging panel
  • Business Plan Judging Criteria

    The final business plans will be evaluated in each of the following areas

  • Value Proposition
  • Innovativeness
  • Market Opportunity
  • Scalability
  • Competition
  • Viability

  • All decisions made by IITRHF- TIDES Business Plan Competition 2017 Judge Panel will be final.

    Documents Needed

    Relevant Visa a month before taking the acceleration program abroad. Passport should be valid till at least 6 months after the dates of travel.

    About Us

    TIDES Business Incubator IIT Roorkee (Facebook, LinkedIn) promotes innovation and entrepreneurship at IIT Roorkee. The TIDES Incubator provides office space, facilities, seed support, mentorship, networking, IPR/legal advice, technical support/lab access. Presently, TIDES runs DST TBI and MeitY TIDE startup programs, and has incubated eight startups and further five under pre-incubation. Some startups have secured incubation support from programs BIRAC BIGs, EIL EngSUI (under process). Further process is underway to set up nodal center at TIDES for Uttarakhand state startup program.

    IITR Heritage Foundation (IITRHF) (Facebook, LinkedIn) provides opportunities to Alumni for professional enhancement. For young IIT-R graduates, IITRHF provides variety of support in their early years of career development; help develop their skills and self-confidence through interaction with their peers; and promote their chances of success as entrepreneur with guidance available within the pool of IIT-R graduates. Thus, IITRHF preserves the tradition of giving and strengthening the alumni network from glorious past to shining future.

    For further information, contact:

    Email: BPC 2017 Steering Committee
    TIDES Incubation Centre
    Hafiz Ibrahim Building (Old Library)
    Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
    Uttarakhand - 247667
    Tel: 91-1332-285736 (O)
    Mail: tides@iitr.ac.in;
    Website: tides.iitr.ac.in

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